Ultracure® 1100 – UV LED Conveyor Curing System


The Ultracure® 1100 is a conveyor unit with a UV LED curing light. The conveyor moves parts under the UV curing window and can be set to a variety of speeds to alter exposure time. This system can be used in the testing of adhesives, inks and coatings for qualifications, cure response testing or performance evaluation. The Ultracure® 1100 can handle a variety of substrates up to 8” wide with a curing window of 6”W x 3″T x 6″L. The conveyor height is adjustable to accommodate parts of varying dimension and allow precision control of distance from the curing light. The heavy-duty aluminum construction ensures a robust casing tolerant of industrial environments. Learn more by clicking the link to the datasheet below.

Data Sheets and Manuals

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