Hernon Manufacturing Products

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Automated Dispensing Systems

Hernon automatic dispensing sytems are a complete line of dispensers for dispensing any liquid including paste. Dispensers range from bench-top, low production volume to high output dispensers designed for integration into turnkey assembling systems. Hernon® dispensing systems offer time accuracy to 0.001 seconds.

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Custom Solutions

Hernon can design, build and install a custom turn-key dispensing and sealing system for any manufacturing situation or environment imaginable. Hernon’s custom sealing and dispensing systems are capable of either sealing, parts loading, dispensing, vision inspection and curing systems for a wide variety of materials and a wide variety of industries.

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Dispense Tips

Hernon Manufacturing offers a full line of disposable dispensing needles in different gauges and shapes to ensure consistent equipment performance and keep production running smoothly for all our customers.

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Fluid/Paste Reservoirs

Hernon pressure reservoirs dispense any liquid, including adhesives, solvents, lubricants, and sealants. The disposable polyethylene material feed tube is resistant to most chemicals, and the airtight lid seal and durable construction of reservoir body ensure there are no leak points for air or material.

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Handheld Fluid/Paste Dispensers

Hernon Manufacturing offers several handheld dispensing guns both pneumatic and manual. Our offering includes 2 part dispensers that come with a static mixing wand for instant product combination as the product is dispensed

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Jet Valves and Accessories

Hernon Sureshot dispensing valves are designed to dispense any liquid. Sureshot valves feature snuff-back technology to prevent stringing of material, and normally-closed design to prevent dispensed material during interruptions of air pressure. Hernon also offers positive-displacement and diaphragm valves.

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Liquid Products

With over 30 years of engineering excellence behind us, our research and development team has developed over 5,000 formulas. Use our simple adhesive search feature to find the formula’s TDS and MSDS information and get the product that perfectly fits your needs. We can also develop the custom formula you need for any application.

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UV Curing Equipment

Hernon can provide a full range of ultraviolet light (UV) curing equipment including bench-lamps, conveyorized systems, and spot-cure systems. Each UV light is designed to emit maximum energy in the optimum spectrum to cure UV. Hernon’s UV curing equipment are state of the art and are perfect for many applications that necessitate fast curing times

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