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Powerseal 932

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Hernon Powerseal 932 is a single component, non-hardening, non-curing gray paste pipe sealant, which lubricates and seals threaded pipe connections and O-Rings. Powerseal 932 is unaffected by water, oil, ammonia, glycerin, steam, all types of gases, exhaust fumes and most hard- to- hold liquids. Powerseal 932 withstands extreme temperatures and pressures and will not shrink, crack, or crumble. The product remains pliable and will not harden, making connection vibration proof. It makes for easy assembly and makes dis-assembly and repair simple. It also prevents corrosion and seizing of metal parts.


Aerospace, aviation, automotive, electrical, electronics, appliance, defense, ammunition, marine, engineered plastics, heavy equipment, maintenance, energy and utilities, industrial assemblies, medical device assemblies, composites.