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Silastomer 337

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Hernon® Silastomer® 337 is a high performance, single component, ready to use adhesive / sealant. It has a paste-like consistency, which cures to a tough, resilient and durable silicone rubber when exposed to moisture in the air. The neutral curing system is designed to be used around sensitive electronics and electrical materials like brass, copper and silver. It will adhere to clean metals, glass, rubber, ceramic, many plastics and vinyl. UL approval for horizontal burn and mechanical adhesion.

Silastomer® 337 provides excellent resistance to moisture, weathering, vibration, ozone and extreme temperatures. It can be applied in surface temperatures of 0°F to above 120°F with no loss in performance. Fully cured Silastomer® 337 can withstand extended periods at temperatures up to 400ºF.

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