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Self Locker 523

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Hernon® Self Locker 523 is a pre-applied, micro-encapsulated adhesive for threaded fasteners. Self Locker 523 stays dry-to-the-touch until the shearing action of an engaging nut applied to the coated bolt causes the capsules to break allowing the adhesive to cure. This material securely locks and seals against vibration loosening and fluid leakage.

Typical Applications
Locking & Sealing:
• Head bolts
• Truck Axle bolts
• Transmission nuts
• Pipe plugs and fittings

Product Benefits
• Improves reliability
• Prevents loosening of bolts due to vibration
• Seals against leakage
• Prevents threads from corroding
• Easily visible for inspection
• Pre-coated parts can be packaged and shipped in normal fashion
• Excellent solvent resistance

Dispensing Equipment:

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