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HPS 80151NF

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When Mixed with Initiator 91H, HPS Resin 80151 has the following properties:

Hernon® Porosity Sealant (HPS) 80151NF is the solution to leak proof parts, improving machinability, in addition to increasing the durability and surface quality of many surfaces. The required addition of HPS Initiator 91 activates HPS 80151NF enabling the system to cure at elevated temperatures. The hardened resins exhibit superior chemical resistance and stability. The microscopic voids, where potential leaks occur (between metal grains or ceramic plastic molecules) in the part are filled by the low viscosity resin during vacuum application or by heat. Sealed micropores cure
without shrinkage to form a tough cross-linked thermoset polymer, permanently sealing the workpiece. Residual adhesive film is rinsed from the part surfaces with water.

Product Benefits
* High speed processing – impregnation cycles of 25 minutes.
* Economical – quick room temperature cures coupled with efficient utilization of resin allows for excellent
process economics.
* Reliability – hardened resin exhibits superior chemical and elevated temperature resistance.
* Simplified processing of treated parts – immediate painting or machining of impregnated parts is possible because HPS 80151 resin treatment leaves no residue on part surfaces.

Typical Applications
* Wood
* Automotive carburetors
* Engine blocks
* Water and fuel pumps
* Valves, manifolds
* Hydraulic pumps
* Compressor parts
* Powdered metal gun parts

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