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Fusionbond 378

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Product Description
Hernon® Fusionbond® 378 is a highly thixotropic, two component, room temperature curing, 1:1 ratio, methacrylate adhesive system. Fusionbond® 378 is formulated to provide fixturing strength within 12 to 15 minutes. This adhesive forms resilient bonds and maintains its strength over a wide range of temperatures. Fusionbond® 378 is suitable for bonding a variety of substrates with a minimum of surface preparation.

Fusionbond® 378 provides superior toughness at temperatures from -40 to 250°F. Recommended substrates: Galvanized and anodized metals, PVC, acrylic, ABS, aluminum, steel, and some types of fiberglass.

Product Features
* Contains glass beads to control bond-line thickness
* Superior shear and impact strength
* Excellent strength at bonding dissimilar substrates including anodized and galvanized metals
* Maintains strength from -40°F to +220°F
* Non-sagging gaps filled to 0.375 inch
* Little or no surface preparation
* Rapid room temperature cure
* 100% solids formula
* Excellent environmental and chemical resistance