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Fusionbond 373

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Fusionbond® 373 is a two component, room temperature curing, 10:1 ratio, methacrylate adhesive system. Fusionbond® 373 is formulated to provide working life of 30 to 35 minutes, gel time of 40 to 45 minutes, and hardening time of 90 to 130 minutes. This adhesive is low halogen and phthalate-free. Fusionbond® 373 forms resilient bonds and maintains its strength over a wide range of temperatures. Fusionbond® 373 is suitable for bonding aluminum and a variety of other substrates with minimum surface preparation. Recommended substrates: PVC, acrylic, ABS, stainless steel, aluminum and some types of fiberglass.

Product Features
• Thixotropic, non-sagging gaps
• Excellent impact, shear, and tensile strength
• Little or no surface preparation
• 90-130 minute room temperature cure
• 100% reactive
• Excellent environmental resistance
• Low halogen content
• Phthalate-free

Bondable Substrates
Acrylics (PMMA)
Polycarbonate and blends
Polyurethanes ¹
PVC & Vinyls
Stainless steel
¹ May need special treatment