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UV Cylinlock 821

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Hernon UV Curable Cylinlock 821 is a fast curing, high strength anaerobic adhesive designed to retain and seal cylindrical assemblies. Curing occurs when adhesive is confined between mating surfaces. The UV cured adhesive is a thermoset plastic suitable for exposure to most solvents and withstands temperatures up to 300oF (149oC). Augments or replaces press fits, set screws, pins and other mechanical retaining methods. Avoids heavy press fits due to rapid cure. Cylinlock 821 cures quickly at room temperature without the need for surface activators or heat to join cylindrical assemblies. Fixturing strength develops in five minutes, or within 15 seconds by exposing the edge fillets to high intensity long wavelength UV light (365 nm). Full strength will be reached in 24 hours. UV Cure fillets at UV light irradiances above 60 milliwatts/cm² to insure proper cure.

Aerospace, aviation, automotive, electrical, electronics, appliance, defense, ammunition, marine, engineered plastics, heavy equipment, maintenance, energy and utilities, industrial assemblies, medical device assemblies, composites.