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We make it easy to find the perfect product for your needs. Search for adhesives, sealants and anaerobics by Mil-Spec or application by completing the form to the left. For a customized product made specifically for your application, talk with one of our expert engineers for more information.

    Self Locker 523

    Self Locker 523 is a pre-applied, micro-encapsulated adhesive for threaded fasteners. Self...

    Dripstop® 950

    Dripstop® 950 is a pipe joint & thread sealant that is highly...

    Dripstop® 945

    Dripstop® 945 is a high-performance adhesive/sealant specifically formulated for the sealing and...

    Dripstop® 944

    Dripstop® 944 is designed for the locking and sealing of metal tapered...

    Dripstop® 943

    Dripstop® 943 is an adhesive/sealant specifically formulated for the sealing and mild...

    Cylinlock® 824

    Cylinlock® 824 is a general-purpose, single component, anaerobic adhesive used primarily for...

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