Single Source Responsibility

Trust Our Experts with Single Source Responsibility

Save Money. Streamline Processes. Eliminate Waste.

When it comes to product design, manufacturing or maintenance, trust Hernon Manufacturing with single-source responsibility for your project. We help you create a complete solution—everything from the adhesive or sealant formula to the dispensing equipment.

We’ll give you our expert recommendations and more than three decades of industry knowledge to streamline your process:

  • We know exactly the best way to bond each material to another material—and how much of the bonding product is needed for quality performance without waste.
  • We know adhesive cured in the dispenser tip costs time and money.
  • We know inconsistency in dispensing results in wasting product, money, and time.
  • We know how to make a total solution for streamlining your production.

Our expertise is just that granular because when it comes to your bottom line, every drop counts. See how our total solution has helped some of our actual clients. Simply request one of our Hernon Manufacturing case studies. Or, if you want to see firsthand how our total solutions can improve your processes, simply schedule a demo today!

Get personalized care directly from our expert engineers and chemists.

Even with the right adhesive, the wrong application could result in failure of the assembly—a costly consequence your company can’t afford. Our total solutions are developed by the very experts who create the formula and design the dispensing machine. We take every detail into account so you get the precise formula and dispensing equipment you need.

Our team works directly with you to design the equipment for precision delivery of the chemistry—a process that creates total compatibility and synergy between the adhesive sealant, materials selected for dispenser wetted components, and the design of these components.

When Hernon Manufacturing helps you streamline your assembly production, you eliminate wasted time and products to save money and increase safety for your employees.

Find out how we can help you create synergy in your process. Talk with an engineer today.

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