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    HASA 716

    HASA 716 is a single component structural anaerobic adhesive formulated for bonding rigid assemblies at high temperatures. This high strength acrylic adhesive cures when it is confined between mating surfaces. Utilized for bonding magnets in motor assemblies and structural applications, HASA 716 provides a strong permanent bond and is resistant to impact and vibration. Hernon Primer 50 accelerates the cure. HASA 716 is similar in function to Loctite A533 and Loctite AA332 and delivers high shear strength and tensile strength. One of its primary uses is securing permanent magnets in motor magnet bonding applications. Recomended Applications: Furniture | Elevators | Automotive Applications | Permanent Motor Magnets | Speakers | Generators | Bonding Flywheels | Sensors |
    SKU: 716PT
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    Substrates Magnets
    Substrates Plastic
    Substrates Metal
    Applications Bonding
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