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    Pneumatic-400ml-2-Part-Dispense-Gun 110-023.png

    Pneumati operated dispensing gun for 400ml dual cartridges.
    RAMBO_ClearBack 500.png

    50ml-dispensing-gun 500px.png

    Manually operated dispensing gun for 50ml dual cartridge adhesives. Square back; MP25 10:1, 4:1, 2:1, 1:1

    Autosealer 5216.png

    Seals Up To 120 ppm. Seals All Pistol Cartridges. Seals All Rifle Cartridges Up To & Including 338 Lapua. Seals Blank Ammunition. Operator Friendly Color Touchscreen Control/HMI. Easy Changeover From One Cartridge To Another. Collator Feeder Supports All Cartridges Up To 338 Lapua. No Part, No Dispense. Easy Load R125 Reservoir For 1 Liter Ammo Sealant Bottles. Precision Sureshot® 3510 Dispensing Valves. Efficient, No Maintenance Ultracure® 9 UV LED Curing Lamps. Easy Adjust Micro X,Y,Z Adjustment Slides For Dispense Position. Vision Inspection Sealant Verification Casemouths & Primers. Compact Inline Footprint: 24” x 84” x 68”H. Delivery: 12-16 Weeks ARO.

    This pneumatic attachment is designed to support the dispensing of 1:1 and 2:1 50 ml syringes. With a robust aluminum frame the cartridge dispenser stands up to industrial environments and operates in a simple intuitive manner. Ince the cardridge is in place you simply attach the air supply from your meter via the quick connect fitting and you are immediately ready to start dispensing.
    2200 on stand (500).png

    2200 Dispensing Valve

    The Sureshot® 2200 Series dispensing valve systems accurately control the application of most low to medium viscosity fluids. The unique seal-less design incorporates an inert polymer diaphragm that isolates the actuator from the valve. Valve open time can be as short as 15 milli-seconds. The adjustable open/close stroke 0.025 to 0.76mm (0.001” to 0.030”) means very fast response and positive shutoff. Sureshot® 2200 series dispensing valves are used for dispensing adhesives and sealants including ultraviolet curing polymers, anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, as well as lubricants and fluxes. An ultra violet light blocking Delrin® valve manifold with optional UV kit # 110-030 on the Sureshot® 2200 provides consistent trouble free dispensing of U.V. curing polymers.
    Accurizer Gallery Diispense-Primers.jpg

    Accurizer Kit

    Accurizer Kit
    Autosealer 2512.png

    Autobonder 2512

    The Autobonder® 2512 is a control unit for applying a wide variety of sealants or adhesives to components along a circular path, using any number of Sureshot® valves depending on the material being dispensed. The machine allows control through an included HMI PLC and can be triggered through manual control with a footswitch and/or PLC start button. The two spindles, located in the top surface of the machine, are designed to rotate speaker components and apply a bead of adhesive along a desired edge.

    Autobonder A100

    The Autobonder® A Series Digital is a high precision controller capable of handling a wide range of fluids, adhesives and sealants. The Autobonder® A100-D and A030-D are included in the A Series Digital. The AB 100-D features a (0-100psi) pressure regulator and the AB A030-D features a (0-30psi) pressure regulator. This controller has easy teach and learn functions and can deliver controlled beads, accurate dots to large volume fillings at a touch of a button. This dispensing controller ensures accurate dispense cycles and supports both syringe dispensing and valve dispensing with a reservoir.

    Autosealer 2600

    The Autosealer® 2600 thread paste dispensing system is a touch-activated, pneumatic applicator for dispensing high-viscosity Hernon® products onto threaded pipe fittings and nipples. A quick-turn turret offers cavities for 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” male pipe threads. Once manually actuated, the piston pump expresses a metered amount of material. When the fitting is removed, the pump resets, ready for another cycle. The Autosealer® 2600 can be fed directly from a 50 ml tube, a 250 ml tube or an 850 ml cartridge.
    Autosealer 2650.png

    Autosealer 2650

    The Autosealer® 2650 is a control unit for applying sealant to pipe thread nipples, using either the Sureshot® 2200 or 4000 dispensing valves. The Autosealer® 2650 can be triggered manually with a footswitch and/or PLC/HMI color touchscreen button.
    4021 Dispensing 3.jpg

    Autosealer 4021

    Autosealer 4021 Machine for UV FOG Application
    Autosealer 5220.png

    Autosealer 5220

    The Autosealer® 5220 is a compact, cost-effective ammunition waterproofing and sealing system. The Autosealer® 5220 is ideal for smaller production environments, qualifying runs (first article) or testing labs. The manually loaded 5220 dispenses Hernon® ammunition sealants on ammunition primers and casemouths via Sureshot® precision dispensing valves and then cures the sealant in seconds with powerful Ultracure® UV LED curing lamps - leaving the rounds completely waterproof and ready for immediate use or packaging.
    Hybrid 1000 _ Background Removed _ 2020.png

    Hybrid 1000 Feeder Bowl

    Hybrid 1000 Feeder Bowl
    R100 Reservoir.png

    R100 Reservoir

    Reservoir R-100 Assembly For AS5220 Machine
    R125 Reservoir _ 2021.png

    R125 Reservoir

    The R125 is a durable one gallon pressure reservoir is specifically designed for today’s production environment. The material output line is located in the center of the lid. This allows the dip tube to be centrally located so that an up to 1-gallon container can be directly placed into the reservoir. The lid design and single knob secure system permit quick changes or refills by operators and minimal clean up. The durable polyethylene material feed tube is resistant to most chemicals including adhesives, solvents, lubricants and sealants. The polyethylene feed tube is disposable and can be easily replaced. The material to be dispensed will only be in contact with the container and feed line.
    R185 Reservoir.png

    R185 Reservoir

    The R185 Reservoir is a five gallon capacity pressure reservoir. The larger capacity reduces the need to reload your dispensing material. With a 0-100 PSI safety pressure release valve you can safely increase pressure to your ideal dispensing pressure without critically over-pressurizing the container. The R185 Reservoir is able to support a variety of different viscosity materials.

    Rotocoater 750

    Designed to apply materials to recessed openings, the RotoCoater® evenly coats the inner surface of bores and other interior spaces. The unit can apply a controlled bead as well. The RotoCoater® 750 uses a bigger and more powerful air motor than the 500 to spin a larger dispersion cup which is inserted into a recessed area. The attached Sureshot® valve then delivers a metered amount of material to the cup that evenly coats the inner surface of the bore. The dispersion cup prevents overspray and applies a uniform layer of material. The RotoCoater® can be used with a wide-range of adhesives, sealants, oil or just about any liquid material. Each RotoCoater® 750 is customized for each application. Complete systems can be designed that apply materials to multiple bores in one cycle simultaneously.
    3000-Sureshot-Valve (500).png

    Sureshot 3000

    The Sureshot® 3000 dispensing valve accurately controls the application of low and high viscosity fluids. With multiple models to choose from, the ceramic polymer wetted piston/ liner is used for dispensing solvents, cyanoacrylates, anaerobics and fluxes under 100 PSI. With positive shutoff and no seals, valve can be relied on to support extended manufacturing runs without leaking or breaking down. Tip selection is critical to achieve optimum valve performance. Sureshot® 3000 valve offers the option of a Luer-lock adapter and one dispensing tip kit for the fluid control.
    Picture of Sureshot 3500

    Sureshot 3500

    The Sureshot® 3500 precision dispensing valve accurately controls the application of low viscosity fluids. The 3500 valve provides repeatable precision micro-dispensing with a cycle rate of over 500/min. Users can adjust the fluid flow by changing pressure control. With a small size and low weight this valve is an ideal candidate for retrofitting.
    3510-Dispensing-Pic (500).png

    Sureshot 3510

    The Sureshot® 3510 precision dispensing valve accurately controls the application of low viscosity fluids. The 3510 valve provides repeatable precision micro-dispensing with a cycle rate of over 500/min. Users can adjust the fluid flow by changing pressure control. Two needles are available for use with the 3510 valves with orifice dimensions of 0.01? and 0.007?. Easily fix a bent or cured tip by replacing the stainless steel dispensing needles. Simply unscrew the damaged or clogged needle and screw in the replacement. With a small size and low weight, the valve can be placed into narrow fittings and is a match for retrofitting. The 3510 replaces the 3500 valve previously offered.
    Sureshot 4000s.png

    Sureshot 4000

    The Sureshot® 4000 series dispensing valve system accurately controls the application of most medium and high viscosity fluids. The Sureshot® 4000 utilizes an aluminum piston for high pressure dispensing with a maximum of 500 PSI. A Teflon® piston which is designed for anaerobic gasket re-placers is also available. With positive shutoff and a snuff-back stop response, this system ensures minimal waste of material and reduces the environmental impact of your manufacturing process. Offered in multiple configurations to assist with retrofitting efforts, the Sureshot® 4000 is available in either a straight or 90o model and supports Hernon’s disposable dispensing tips. The compact size and low weight allow for greater placement and system design options when compared to heavier and more bulky valve systems. Hernon’s family of pressure reservoirs can be added to the dispensing system to ensure lengthy continuous operation. The Rambo®, a ram powered pressure reservoir is particularly effective in this pairing as it can produce a dispensing pressure of up to 350 PSI allowing the operator to utilize more of the Sureshot® 4000’s 0-500 PSI operational pressure rating.
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