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    1 OZ bottle of CA Remover 14

    CA Remover 14

    Cyanoacrylate Remover 14 is a specially formulated solvent to dissolve cured cyanoacrylate- based adhesives in between parts, clothing, or various surfaces. Remover 14 will allow the removal of cyanoacrylate adhesives in several minutes to several hours depending upon the amount of adhesive to be removed. Tissue or cloth saturated with Remover 14 will wipe off thin layers of adhesive. Larger beads or drops will require reapplication of the solvent. Bonded parts may require soaking.

    Chemical Stripper 30

    Chemical Stripper 30 is a chemical liquid that works to remove pre-cut conventional gasket cements as well as formed in place chemical gaskets. Chemical Stripper 30 lifts off baked-on gaskets, gasket cements, formed-in-place gaskets, carbon deposits, dried oil, grease and paint on any type of metal in minutes. Also suitable for use on wood. It is packaged in a convenient spray liquid that penetrates and cleans intricate shapes, but will not run off, even on vertical surfaces.
    1.75 OZ bottle of Cleaning Solvent 62

    Cleaner 62

    Cleaner 62 is a non-aqueous, hydrocarbon based, non-CFC industrial solvent which removes oil and grease completely. This cleaning solvent prepares the surface for bonding with Hernon® Adhesives and Sealants. Cleaner 62 is recommended for final cleaning prior to assembling parts with Hernon® Adhesives and Sealants. It is not recommended for cleaning (flushing) equipment or for cleaning printed circuit boards and printed circuit assemblies.