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    2200 on stand (500).png

    2200 Dispensing Valve

    The Sureshot® 2200 Series dispensing valve systems accurately control the application of most low to medium viscosity fluids. The unique seal-less design incorporates an inert polymer diaphragm that isolates the actuator from the valve. Valve open time can be as short as 15 milli-seconds. The adjustable open/close stroke 0.025 to 0.76mm (0.001” to 0.030”) means very fast response and positive shutoff. Sureshot® 2200 series dispensing valves are used for dispensing adhesives and sealants including ultraviolet curing polymers, anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, as well as lubricants and fluxes. An ultra violet light blocking Delrin® valve manifold with optional UV kit # 110-030 on the Sureshot® 2200 provides consistent trouble free dispensing of U.V. curing polymers.
    3000-Sureshot-Valve (500).png

    SS 3000 Valve Assembly, 3/8 Piston, Aluminum Old Style

    The Sureshot® 3000 dispensing valve accurately controls the application of low and high viscosity fluids. With multiple models to choose from, the ceramic polymer wetted piston/ liner is used for dispensing solvents, cyanoacrylates, anaerobics and fluxes under 100 PSI. With positive shutoff and no seals, valve can be relied on to support extended manufacturing runs without leaking or breaking down. Tip selection is critical to achieve optimum valve performance. Sureshot® 3000 valve offers the option of a Luer-lock adapter and one dispensing tip kit for the fluid control.
    3510-Dispensing-Pic (500).png

    Sureshot 3510

    The Sureshot® 3510 precision dispensing valve accurately controls the application of low viscosity fluids. The 3510 valve provides repeatable precision micro-dispensing with a cycle rate of over 500/min. Users can adjust the fluid flow by changing pressure control. Two needles are available for use with the 3510 valves with orifice dimensions of 0.01? and 0.007?. Easily fix a bent or cured tip by replacing the stainless steel dispensing needles. Simply unscrew the damaged or clogged needle and screw in the replacement. With a small size and low weight, the valve can be placed into narrow fittings and is a match for retrofitting. The 3510 replaces the 3500 valve previously offered.
    Sureshot 4000s.png

    Sureshot 4000

    The Sureshot® 4000 series dispensing valve system accurately controls the application of most medium and high viscosity fluids. The Sureshot® 4000 utilizes an aluminum piston for high pressure dispensing with a maximum of 500 PSI. A Teflon® piston which is designed for anaerobic gasket re-placers is also available. With positive shutoff and a snuff-back stop response, this system ensures minimal waste of material and reduces the environmental impact of your manufacturing process. Offered in multiple configurations to assist with retrofitting efforts, the Sureshot® 4000 is available in either a straight or 90o model and supports Hernon’s disposable dispensing tips. The compact size and low weight allow for greater placement and system design options when compared to heavier and more bulky valve systems. Hernon’s family of pressure reservoirs can be added to the dispensing system to ensure lengthy continuous operation. The Rambo®, a ram powered pressure reservoir is particularly effective in this pairing as it can produce a dispensing pressure of up to 350 PSI allowing the operator to utilize more of the Sureshot® 4000’s 0-500 PSI operational pressure rating.
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