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    Hernon Manufacturing: Sealing Success for Enhanced Productivity

    11 Jun 2024



    Hernon Manufacturing epitomizes the essence of its tagline, 'Formulating Solutions,' in the field of custom adhesives, sealants, coatings and impregnation resin. By crafting products in its chemical lab that enhance customers' productivity and efficiency, Hernon smoothly modernizes their operations from batches to continuous processes.

    One compelling example of Hernon's impact can be seen in the ammunition industry. Traditionally, manufacturers used asphalt to seal projectiles and cartridges, a process that was not only time-consuming but space-intensive. Hernon transformed this process by developing an external ammunition sealant and automating the application equipment. This innovation now enables manufacturers to produce up to 2,000 rounds per minute, reducing the need for extensive drying time, minimizing space requirements and lowering operational costs.

    This breakthrough also aligns with U.S. and NATO military specifications, solidifying Hernon's position as a world leader in sealant technology for smallcaliber ammunition today.

    Building on this success, Hernon expands its expertise into on-site automated machine manufacturing. This strategic enhancement designs and builds distinct dispensing and UV curing technology systems to support its advanced materials. By addressing common compatibility issues that manufacturers encounter when sourcing adhesives and equipment from different suppliers, Hernon ensures seamless integration. It proactively uses customer parts to apply their custom formulations and application equipment, rigorously evaluating compatibility and reliability. The tried-and-tested approach guarantees

    customers receive holistic solutions that integrate effortlessly into their operations without requiring future modifications.

    "Our solutions make the entire system a well-oiled machine," says Harry Arnon, president and CEO. "On top of that, the comprehensive package of the right product and the right application offers a blend ofprecision, reliability and efficiency—all essential qualities manufacturers need to optimize their production lines and achieve top-notch performance."

    Demonstrating the company's efficacy in a real-world scenario, Arnon shares a case study on their comprehensive solution to traditional oil shaft sealing. Previously, the seals required solvent-based sealants, strong ventilation to handle solvent evaporation and oven-cunng processes, all of which consumed space, energy and time. Hernon's custom-made UV fog (form-on-gasket) technology offered a 100 percent solid system with no shrinkage due to solvent evaporation; curing within four seconds under UV light. This significantly reduced manufacturing time and space requirements, allowing the client to minimize the number of operators needed to run the system, cutting operational costs.

    Because of such excellence and adaptability, Hernon's products are trusted in highly critical applications integral to a variety of demanding fields from fighter jets and nuclear submarines to ammunition and automotive components.

    Reflecting this vast reach, Hernon has effectively established itself on the world stage, distributing its products globally and marking its presence in international markets with every shipment. The export capabilities earned Hernon the prestigious President's E Star Award, the highest recognition a U.S. entity can receive for making an impressive contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. Hernon was recognized in 2023, demonstrating a sustained commitment to export expansion efforts that support the U.S. economy and create American jobs.

    Now serving customers in 65 countries, the company leverages its proven track record to venture into new territories. With sights set on the electric vehicle sector, Hernon is expanding its product line to include adhesives specifically designed for padding, encapsulating, bonding and structural reinforcement—ensuring they meet the high demands of this innovative industry. It has also recently received a patent for a technology that prints conformal coatings on circuit boards, eliminating the need for solder masks and allowing for precise coating over specific parts. The userfriendly process lets users switch between profiles effortlessly with just a few clicks on a computer.

    As the company grows, its overarching goal remains constant—a dedication to formulating solutions for its customers, whether for the cars we drive or the devices manufacturers use every day. For Hernon, it's all about 'Partnering for

    Success, Innovating for Tomorrow. '


    Hernon's CEO Interview

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