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    ReAct® 795

    ReAct® 795 is a tough acrylic adhesive designed primarily for securing of ceramic permanent magnet segments in motor magnet bonding applications. This adhesive has also found wide acceptance in a variety of structural bonding applications due to its versatile performance capabilities. ReAct® 795 has demonstrated the ability to provide high tensile strength while maintaining excellent product flexibility. This results in tough, durable bonds with outstanding impact and peel resistance. This tough acrylic is a single component, room temperature curing adhesive which is used in conjunction with Activator 47. Additionally, exposure to a high intensity UV light will cure this adhesive to a dry, hard surface. ReAct® 795 is similar in function to Loctite A533 and Loctite AA332 and delivers high shear strength and tensile strength. One of its primary uses is securing permanent magnets in motor magnet bonding applications. Recomended Applications: Furniture | Elevators | Automotive Applications | Permanent Motor Magnets | Speakers | Generators | Bonding Flywheels | Sensors |
    SKU: 795PT
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    Substrates Magnets
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    Substrates Metal
    Applications Bonding
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