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    SKU: 106-020
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    Dissipator® 745

    Dissipator® 745 is a thermally conductive room temperature cure adhesive that is designed for bonding electrical components to heat sink with a controlled gap. Dissipator® 745, through a special shimming property, insulates the component electrically while allowing thermal conductivity. This special shimming feature produces a constant gap of 0.005 in. to 0.006 in. between components.
    1 Liter bottle of External Ammunition Sealant 76084

    External Ammo Sealant 76084

    External Ammunition Sealant 76084 is a single component U.V. anaerobic sealant. 76084 has a low viscosity penetrating material capable of bonding and sealing primers and case mouths in ammunition. This Sealant is specially formulated for Ammunition that needs greater fit tolerance and higher bullet pull forces. Curing occurs when the adhesive is applied between mating surfaces. The cured adhesive is a thermoset plastic and endures exposure to most solvents. Ammunition Sealant 76084 cures quickly at room temperature without the need for surface activators or heat to seal primer and case mouth assemblies. Fixturing strength develops in two to three minutes, Full strength will be reached in 24 hours. Cure fillets at UV light irradiances above 100 milliwatts/cm² to insure proper cure.

    FERRULE SET 2 PC 1/8

    FERRULE SET 2 PC 1/8
    20 Gram bottle of Instantbond 109

    Instantbond® 109

    Instantbond® 109 is a low viscosity, state-of-the-art, single component, solventless, room temperature curing cyanoacrylate adhesive that polymerizes rapidly when pressed into a thin film between parts. The presence of surface moisture commences the cure of the adhesive. Instantbond® 109 develops handling strength within seconds and full functional strength in a few hours. Instantbond® 109 can bond a wide variety of surfaces including thermoplastics, elastomers, ceramics, leather, cork, and paper, but is particularly suited for bonding metal substrates. Notwithstanding the superior bonding capability of Instantbond® 109, it is NOT recommended for long-term glass to glass bonding applications.

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