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    Blank Ammo Sealant 48641

    Blank Ammunition Sealant 48641 Is a medium viscosity, UV and LED curable compound formulated to provide high performance, fast curing, coating and sealing of ammunition blank tips. This product is also used for shallow potting applications.
    SKU: 48641PT
    Products specifications
    Substrates Glass
    Substrates Metal
    Applications Ammunition Sealant
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    Fusionbond® 371

    Fusionbond® 371 is a two components methacrylate adhesive. It is specially formulated for structural bonding of thermoplastics, metal, wood and composite assemblies. Fusionbond® 371 is an excellent choice for composite bonding applications in the marine, automotive and construction industries because it requires virtually no surface preparation. Fusionbond® 371 provides toughness at temperatures from -67 to 250°F.
    500 gram bottle of Nuts N' Bolts 128

    Nuts N' Bolts® 128

    Nuts N’ Bolts® 128 is a single component, low strength thread locker designed for locking plastic and metal fasteners. Fixture time is about 5 minutes and adhesive can be pre or post applied. Any excess adhesive on the surface will cure and will not migrate to the other parts. Nuts N’ Bolts® 128 can be used as a low strength thread locker, bonder or tamper proofer for metal, polyester, nylon and many other thermo plastics materials.
    R125 Reservoir _ 2021.png

    R125 Reservoir

    The R125 is a durable one gallon pressure reservoir is specifically designed for today’s production environment. The material output line is located in the center of the lid. This allows the dip tube to be centrally located so that an up to 1-gallon container can be directly placed into the reservoir. The lid design and single knob secure system permit quick changes or refills by operators and minimal clean up. The durable polyethylene material feed tube is resistant to most chemicals including adhesives, solvents, lubricants and sealants. The polyethylene feed tube is disposable and can be easily replaced. The material to be dispensed will only be in contact with the container and feed line.
    Bulkhead Tube Fittings 101-055.png

    Bulkhead Tube Fittings, Borded-Through Male Connector, 1/8 IN. OD x 1/4 in Male NPT, SS

    Bulkhead Tube Fittings, Borded-Through Male Connector, 1/8 IN. OD x 1/4 in Male NPT, SS

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