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    Nuts N' Bolts® 434

    Nuts N' Bolts® 434 is a thixotropic, 100% active anaerobic compound which solidifies with reliable and expected strength upon application to most fasteners. Particularly suitable for applications on less active substrates such as stainless steel and plated surfaces, where disassembly with hand tools is required for servicing. Nuts N' Bolts® 434 is easily applied. No mixing (single component), no curing outside the joint and no torque adjustments are necessary. Nuts N' Bolts® 434 offers increased profitability, having approximately 80% cost advantage over the cheapest mechanical methods as well as reducing inventories, maintenance, and the need for costly precision tolerances. Nuts N' Bolts® 434 can be used on up to 3/4inch bolts with light oil contamination.
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    Applications Threadlocking
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