UV FOG 702


UV FOG (Form on Gasket) 702 is an EB/UV curable product that provides excellent adhesion to shaft seals, oil seals, metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics. It can be used as a Form-in-place gasket in oil and coolant systems. Typical applications include Engine covers, Oil pans, and other fluid seal systems.

Grade: 702

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Available Sizes: 50 ML bottle, 1 L bottle, 15 L,

Color: Amber,

VISC (cP): 700 - 900,

Hardness (24 Hrs): 10 - 25 A,

Shear GL - GL (PSI): ≥ 100,

Shear GL - STL (PSI): ≥ 100,

Applications: Adhesives, Gasketing, Sealing, UVFOG,

Substrates: Aluminum, Metal Surfaces, Metals,

Grade: 702,


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