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    Picture of Primer 49

    Primer 49

    Primer 49 is a single component, non-CFC solvent based product designed to promote the cure speed of Hernon® anaerobic adhesives and sealants. Primer 49 is used where increased cure speed of Hernon® anaerobic adhesives and sealants is required. It is especially recommended for applications with passive metals or inert surfaces and with large bond gaps. It is particularly recommended for cure conditions below 15°C. Primer 49 meets the requirements of MIL-S-22473E (Grade T) and ASTM D5363 (Grade T).

    Tuffbond® 303

    Tuffbond 303, Black/LT amber, 50ML dual syringe

    Fusionbond® 374

    Hernon® has taken the excellent bond strength of Fusionbond adhesive family and merged it with the simplicity of a two-component, no-mix curing system to create Fusionbond® 374. Fusionbond® 374 is a 100% solid, room temperature cure, versatile structural adhesive which is used in conjunction with Hernon® Activator 56, 15 or 16. This formulation will offer rapid, high strength and high impact resistant bonds to a variety of substrates within minutes. Designed for a wide variety of substrates, Fusionbond® 374 offers excellent temperature and chemical resistance. The two-component, no-mix system allows controlled assembly ideal for production and repair applications. A structural bond develops within minutes.

    Nuts N' Bolts® 248

    Nuts N’ Bolts® 248 is a single component anaerobic compound used to lock and seal fine threaded nuts, bolts and studs in a wide variety of applications requiring easy removal or adjustment.