Ammunition Sealant

Hernon's 3500 jet dispensing valve projects sealant into a cartridge casemouth on one of Hernon's ammunition sealing machines.

Hernon’s 3500 jet dispensing valve projects sealant into a cartridge casemouth on one of Hernon’s ammunition sealing machines. (This valve has since been replaced by the SureShot® 3510 jet dispensing valve)

World Leader in Cartridge Sealant Technology

As a leading company in the development of ammunition sealant technology, we provide predictable ammunition for unpredictable environments. Ammunition is not traditionally sealed against water, and the casing is not sufficient protection in inclement weather or marine environments.

Hernon Manufacturing has developed systems for sealing ammunition against water and other contaminants. Our sealants ensure reliable ammunition performance and result in improved ballistic accuracy. This sealing technology allows users to move freely through and below water environments while remaining confident that their ammunition will not be compromised. Additional information on ammunition sealing can be found at Hernon’s micro-site devoted to the subject:

Contact a Hernon® engineer to find out how this sealant helps to create advanced ammunition that reliably performs in wet climates.

Serving Notable Ammunition Customers

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